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e-book version, now available at Amazon: Kindle.

Paperback version, available from June 2015, at, Amazon.

Also available from Gardners Books quoting ISBN number 0993277209.
The Road to Waterloo is the first in a series of interlinked novels stretching from the Napoleonic to the Second World War, focusing on the lives and loves of ordinary people. It was inspired by my great great great grandfather, a serjeant at Waterloo, and called here Thomas Cowper. A seventeen year old Leicestershire lad, Thomas lives in fear of his abusive father and in the shadow of his brother. Accused by his mother of killing the brother, he is forced to leave home and joins a cavalry regiment but is soon fighting for both his mental and physical survival.

The book was longlisted for the Mslexia Women's Novel Competition 2013.


photo of Peterloo
What price loyalty? What price betrayal?

The Road to Peterloo is available from mid-November 2019. to coincide with the two hundredth anniversary of the Peterloo massacre in Manchester.
The book follows on from The Road to Waterloo but can be read on its own.

1816. Thomas Cowper, a serjeant in the British Army of Occupation in France, is still traumatised by the Battle of Waterloo. As he tries to rebuild his life, he is hounded by his old adversary Serjeant Jack Fallowfield, intent on revenge.

1818. Thomas and the rest of his Regiment return to a Britain bitterly divided, where the Peace has rewarded the few by penalised the many. In the North of England, old friends in the Regiment are drawn into the mass meetings of democratic protest whilst, in London, Thomas becomes caught up in a secretive world of plots and spies.


The book is available from mid-November 2019, through Amazon and independent bookshops.
An Amazon: Kindle edition of the e-book is available from December 7th, 2019.


The author is available to give readings from the novels and describe the historical detective-work involved in writing them.

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The series of novels will eventually finish in Andover in the summer of 1838 just after Queen Victoria is crowned. In these years of so called "peace", Thomas, still a professional soldier, is called upon to fight in a bloody guerrilla war in Ireland and also to deal with the threat of riots in an unsettled and starving post war England. As he reaches the end of his life, he comes to realise that the fight against tyranny and oppression is not over.

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